Entertain and encourage charity is our motto. Our mission is to promote cultural awareness and love for Indian music, and, in the process, empower educational, socio-economical, and developmental change related to the community in the India and the United States.


Our artists hold professional full time positions at other companies in their working lives. Our band numbers several singers, instrumentalists, production and support crew.

EasternWinds is not a fund-raising mechanism for any other organization. Our concert schedules are organized according to the convenience of our artists.

Our independent concerts are always managed with minimal expense, and we attempt to reach out to large numbers of music lovers. There is no attempt made to maximize profits at the expense of performance quality. As far as feasible, all work directly related to our music shows is undertaken by our artists. Assistance may be sought for certain tasks, especially publicity and ticket sales.

Ticket prices for our music concerts are always reasonably low. A percentage of the profits generated from our music shows are donated to non-profit organizations. We may prefer certain organizations to others, simply because we see their mission, work-style and philosophy as most appropriate in the current context. Our artists decide this on a per concert basis. We do not guarantee any organization that all, or any, of our current or future profits will benefit them.


Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 408.660.3739