The first breeze of EasternWinds gently blew on a warm Sunday afternoon, in the spring of 2003. A coterie who had gathered with the intention of forming a music band, wondered about what to do next, pondering whether they should all drive back to their homes, and spend time more fruitfully.

In that first 'official' band meeting, Siva Sreeraman, the founder, a vocalist by talent and a music lover with a desire to give back to the community, needed to just spell out his vision for starting a not-for-profit Indian music band, and everyone else took the missing pieces, and assembled a band of musically gifted amateurs, eager to hone and showcase their talent.

Looking back over our brief history, we're not surprised by the diversity within us, or the changes that have occurred, but by the constancy of the drive that keep us all together.

For each one of us, music is an inspirational, uplifting experience that touches our soul. We are guided by the same rich traditions, which for centuries have led those who used music as a catalyst for awareness and change.

We wish to offer our support, and our gratitude, to those deserving non-profit charities that work selflessly to sow seeds of change and uplift the Indian community in need. And this we do, with pride in our music and conviction in our goals.


Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 408.660.3739