Aalap Desai first encounter with a key based instrument was with a harmonium when he was a kid. He learnt indian classical music(vocals and harmonium) for 4/5 years after which like most people, shifted his focus to academics. Since then he's been learning the keyboards/piano mostly on his own. While he loves all kinds of musical genres and world music in general, Aalap is influenced more by music which has strong melodic elements. This includes western classical, ghazals, sugam sangeet, rock(progressive, alternative, indie, old school), pop, blues, folk, sufi and film music. Aalap is also a part of other bands in the Bay area and is grateful that he gets to learn a lot on a daily basis from fellow artists who are immensely talented and hardworking :). He's passionate about composing and arranging original music whether it is an instrumental piece or a song. He is involved with a couple of independent original album recording projects in/outside of the Bay area and a tv serial score in India which he has composed, arranged and sung in.

Aanand Krishnan is a vocalist who has rediscovered the joy of singing after years. He learnt Carnatic music under Coimbatore S.V. Viswanathan. He has a BE from BITS, Pilani, MSEE from UC Santa Barbara and MBA from UC Berkeley. He maintains that he reserves his best singing voice for his extended shower sessions in the bathroom.

Akshay Naresh is 20 years old. He has been learning Hindustani Classical flute for five years and Carnatic Classical flute for four years. He enjoy playing and experimenting with all types of music on the flute. He has also given various of fund raising and solo concerts throughout the bay area. He would like to thank his parents for sparking his interest in music.

Amit Awasthi likes to perform dynamic songs on stage and has performed for various music groups in the US. Amit did his schooling in Allahabad, went to college in Belgaum and Rochester, NY. He is a Software Engineer. He is a vocalist and a jack of many instruments such as the keyboards, harmonica, bongo, congas and the dholak. He has relocated to San Antonio, TX.

Amit Shenoy, vocalist, spent his childhood days in Bombay. He has a BE from Bombay University and a Masters from Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, Troy, NY. He lives in Santa Clara.

Anand Narayanan is a vocalist. He spent his childhood days at Bombay and Bangalore. He finished his high school and undergrad studies in Bangalore and went to Arizona State for his graduation. He is a Development Engineer with Wind River Systems and lives in Fremont.

Arun Lakshminarayanan moved to the Bay Area recently from Seattle, where he was very actively involved with some of the local Indian bands. He is very passionate about rock music and enjoys going to concerts of his favorite big bands, checking out local live music bars and also supporting the local bands. Arun first started gigging during his undergraduate years at IIT Kharagpur, playing for his hostel and college bands. There was small period of musical inactivity during his grad school, but that changed soon after he sorted out his priorities. Outside of the world of music, he works as a developer in one of the local tech companies. He enjoy road trips, national parks, most outdoor activities and plenty of sunshine.

Ashwin Vasudevan is a classically trained musician and a well trained key board player who has been integral part of many popular bands in Bay Area. His performing style and motivation are a great asset to bands.

Dilip Karki is a fun loving vocalist who enjoys singing fast energetic songs. He made his entry into the music scene with a small music band in Bombay over a decade ago. He adores songs by Kishore Kumar and Rafi from the past. His contemporary favorites are Sonu Nigam and Kumar Sanu. To him, music is a source of energy and singing is a way of opening oneself to this energy. He likes to play the keyboards and guitar, whenever he can.

Dwij Garg is 24 years old, and the lead/rhythm guitarist for EasternWinds. He has been playing the electric guitar for 6 years and classical guitar for 6 years as well. Dwij graduated in Engineering at UC Berkeley. He also started his own charity rock band at his school called Quintessence. His other hobbies include playing tennis and songwriting. He is thankful to his family and friends for supporting all of his endeavors. He is especially thankful to his brother, Trit, a fellow musician forever.

Jaideep Subedar has been involved with rhythm right from his childhood. He has learnt the Tabla for about ten years and has now graduated to being a key percussionist - he plays all percussion instruments ranging from the Tabla to the Drums! He has recently delved into playing base on Keyboards and Guitar too. He is interested in anything to do with music and acoustics. His other passions include cars and photography. Jaideep has a BE from University of Bombay and a MS from University of Pittsburgh, PA. He is currently working with Cisco Systems and lives in San Jose.

James Prasad is a self-taught guitarist and plays Bass. He has been active in the Bay Area Indian music scene for over 7 years. The founder of the band Dhoom, he has performed for bands such as Gitanjali, BanditsLive, AndaazLive and others. His interests span from Bollywood music to rock and reggae.

Jyoti Makesh is one of the lead singers for EasternWinds with a background in classical music. She strongly believes that a lifetime is not enough to master music and continues to learn classical music here. One of the recruiters for the group, she tries to bring together people, who, along with a passion for music, also believe in supporting a just cause. Jyoti has a MBA from Bombay University and a MBA from San Jose State University. Jyoti enjoys performing and is an active member of various other Bay Area based musical groups, including a Dandia group.

Kartik Lakshmanan is a vocalist and works for Cisco Systems. He has relocated to India.

Kavitha Nagarajan is a versatile vocalist, trained in Indian classical music who has music albums and many stage shows to her credit. She is a founding member of Bay Area's popular India music band Thillana. She recently lent her voice to the movie "Nanjupuram" that was released all across Tamilnadu in the year 2011. She also received the first runner up award at a contest conducted by a Bay Area based radio show for the "Best female voice of the year" category that was adjudged by a popular Indian composer and singer, Shankar Mahadevan. She continues to perform in stage shows in and around the Bay Area.

Kaumudee Torsekar was born in Bombay and raised there till 12 years of age. Her family moved to Toronto, Canada, where she learned Hindustani Classical Vocal from Shri Narendra Datar for nearly 7 years and won first prize in a regional singing competition. After performing for several years in local music bands, she then moved to the Bay Area. She currently sings with Jigary band and posts musical recordings on her audioblog. Her biggest musical influences are Asha Bhosle, RD Burman & Hridaynath Mangeshkar and she loves the poetry and other artistic works of Gulzar.

Kiran Kamity is a keyboardist, a singer and plays the harmonica. He has a BTech from IIT Madras, and a MS from Stanford University. He lives in Mountain View.

Lewelyn D'souza's talents on the bass guitar add a mean low-end kick to the band's sound. Brought up on classic rock and pop of the 70's and 80's, he now seeks to explore the intricacies of jazz. He has a MSEE from Iowa State University, and a MBA from UNC. He lives in New York city presently.

Makesh Rao is one of the main percussionists for EasternWinds. He plays the Dholak and the Electronic Drum Pad and occasionally sings too. An avid listener of classical instrumental music, he equally enjoys Hindi film music and is a great fan of Kishore Kumar and RD Burman. A software engineer by profession, astronomy is his other abiding interest. Makesh has a M.Sc in Physics, works for Cisco Systems and lives in San Ramon. He performs with some other Bay Area musical groups on occasion.

Meera Manohar born and brought up in Chennai is originally from Palakkad, Kerala, and has been living in the Bay area for the last 12 years. She is trained in South Indian classical music and primarily sings South Indian Carnatic music, semi-classicals, light and contemporary songs in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. She started out as part of Bay Area light music band Thillana but also freelances with other bands throughout the United states. Her debut on the screen was for a movie 'Green Card Fever'. She has quite a few original works on Blogswara, Muziboo platforms, a couple of stage plays locally and her audioblog. Meera Was awarded the 'Pro voice of the year" trophy by Shankar Mahadevan as part of the Gaata Rahe Mera Dil Awards in Dec 2011.

Growing up in a house where rehearsals and jamming were an everyday routine, Mohan Ayalasomayajula developed an interest in percussion at the tender age of 3. Mohan was trained in playing Tabla for 6 yrs and later got trained in carnatic violin in Bangalore. He then switched to playing Congos in several music functions, and got interested in electronic percussion. Mohan performed in a few bands in Bangalore before moving to the US. Mohan also plays for other bands in the Bay Area like Ehsaaz, Aavakai, Sahana, Jhankar, Raaga and Raagalaya. During this journey Mohan has performed for celebrities like Hariharan, Vijayprakash, Mallikarjun and Mano. He also has started doing albums and the recent release is selling in all online stores. While Mohan likes to play on any surface, he enjoys African beats and the trance in Indian tribal instruments the most. He is a software engineer by profession and works for a networking company in the Bay Area.

Neeraj Bhatia plays the Rhythm Guitar. He works for Wind River Systems and lives in Alameda.

Neeraj Mathur is an Alto Saxophone and Banjo player. He works for Cisco Systems and lives in Fremont.

Pankaj Sharma's passion for music led him to enroll with EasternWinds when he saw them performing at their first show in Palo Alto. Pankaj has a BS from IIT-Roorkee, and he currently works as a consultant for Deloitte Consulting. His other interests include cricket, billiards and cars. A percussionist who loves to play drums, congos, bongos and dholak, he is thankful to his wife Ginni for her support in everything he does. He presently lives in Orange County, CA.

A late bloomer, Pranab Bhowmick played his first musical notes on his roommate's old acoustic guitar. It was love at first sight. Five years and four guitars later, he has come a long way. Pranab graduated from BITS Pilani and works as a software engineer with Cisco Systems. Pranab has also been responsible for the band's slick visual presentations. Pranab lives in Mumbai presently.

A desire to kick back and share tunes with like minded people landed Pranathi Sundaram at EasternWinds. Her interests lie in music, books, cooking, travelling and beadwork. Pranathi is a vocalist and occassionally lends a hand with percussions. She has an MS in Electrical Engineering and works for UCSF.

Prasenjit Lahiri is a vocalist and also plays Bass Guitar. He studied at BIT, Mesra. Currently he is working with Cisco Systems. He lives in London, England presently.

Premanshu Jain plays the banjo and the harmonium. He is also a regular trekker and has done a few Himalayan trekking expeditions. He assisted the band in Production. He works for Network Appliances.

Radhika Iyer comes from Bombay . She is a trained vocalist , a performing violinist and a National prize winner of the All India Radio music competition . She commenced her training from her mother and guru, Smt. Seetha Ramakrishnan at the of 4. Radhika’s first stage performance was a full fledged violin jugalbandi at the age of 11 and an All India Radio recording at the age of 12. She won the National Government scholarship program for Carnatic classical music when she was 8 and carries awards from nearly every music institution of Bombay . Radhika also holds the record of being a 5-year consecutive 1st prize winner of Malhaar, a renowned intercollegiate competition in India hosting more than 65 top colleges from around the country in addition to a National award from Singapore for vocal music. Radhika is passionate about metaphysics and meditation and believes that from silence comes a lot of strength.

Raja Mani is very passionate about singing, dancing, writing and acting. He is known in the bay area light music arena for his rendition of melodies and fast numbers with admirable grace and aplomb. He is up-to-date with the new Tamil movie songs and their lyrics. His light music performances have won acclaims from the audience. Raja leads his band, Raagalaya, and is a member of Sanhiti, a south Indian dance troupe, He possesses good writing skills and writes comedy skits/scripts for light music shows. He is learning carnatic music from Thiru. Ashok Subramanian.

Rajkumar Venkat is a self-learned keyboardist with a keen ear for lndian light music. He has been playing the keyboard since his undergrad days where he was the lead keyboardist for TekMusik, the college music band of PSG Tech, Coimbatore. Raj has been very active in the Bay Area light music scene for almost 7 years and has performed for bands like Raagalaya, Bandits and Surabhee in addition to several others. His musical interests range all the way from Carnatic & Hindustani to R&B & Adult Contemporary. Raj has also composed and arranged a few original songs for his band and some of them ended up being featured in an Indian movie.

Rutul Dave is a lifelong student of percussion. His passion is the Tabla and other Eastern instruments, at the same time he has recently developed an understanding of and skills in Western drum sounds. A native of Baroda in Gujarat, Rutul has an MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and MBA from UCLA. Rutul also actively performs Dandia concerts with EasternWinds.

Sangeeta Shenoy is a well-known performing vocalist in the SF bay area. Trained in Hindustani Classical vocal in Mumbai, she has bagged many prizes in inter-collegiate competitions. After arriving in the bay area, she has continued her training with Smt. Anupama Chandratreya & Shri. Mahesh Kale. Her idols are Lata Mangeshkar & Shreya Ghoshal. Some of her recent highlights are opening the Shreya Ghoshal concert in San Jose, sharing the stage with Marathi luminaries like Shri. Shridhar Phadke and Smt. Arati Ankalikar and receiving superb feedback from none other than Shankar Mahadevan. Sangeeta is a Software Engineer by profession.

Shahid Gill plays the keyboards. He has studied in six different countries. He is employed in the air traffic control industry. He presently resides in Chicago, IL.

Well-liked and easygoing Siva Sreeraman is the founder and CEO of EasternWinds. A versatile performer, an enthusiastic motivator and a strong leader, Siva's dedication, encouragement and support to EasternWinds are of enormous contribution to the band. Siva is from Mumbai. He volunteers with several Bay Area organizations that encourage and showcase talent and support community causes. Siva also performs with Gitanjali, Thillana and Raagalaya. During Navratri and Holi festivals, he performs traditional Gujarati folk songs at Raas Garba / Dandia concerts.

Thanks to All India Radio and her mom & dad's ultimate record collection, Shalini Ramachandran was surrounded by a wide variety of musical influences: western classical, Carnatic, pop , Hindustani, jazz and, of course Hindi film music. She says she sings all the time - in the shower, car, at gatherings and wherever she cannot be arrested for it ! She is intensely motivated and driven to perform. She occasionally plays the keyboard and hand percussion instruments. Loving wife, doting mother, persistent music-addict, and a wannabe millionaire, Shalini thanks her wonderful husband, her family and friends who have always encouraged her in all her endeavors; no matter how silly they get.

Sheshaprasad Chikkatur is a seasoned vocalist trained in Hindustani Classical Music. His main hobby from the childhood days has been music and singing is an integral part of his daily routine. He has performed in Light and Classical music forms both in India and USA and has won many awards from the college days. Shesh started pursuing Hindustani Classical Music under Sri. Chandra Rao (a renowned violinist and singer and a disciple of N. Rajam). He was later blessed with the tutoring of Pandit Vishwanath Srikhande (a disciple Ustad Amir Khan). He currently learns from Sri Nachiketa Sharma. He has sung in many Indian languages like Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

The immutable Shirish Karnik says that he loves music and wanted to be a singer. In his words 'People liked my voice so much that nobody stayed back to listen. Having been encouraged, I decided that I should be heard so I picked up an instrument which does not have a mute button to it. So now here I am with my drums and congas.'

Shreedhar Ganapathy is a Bay Area based vocalist who has had a passion and penchant for music since his childhood. His belief is that music is a gift of God to soothe, rejuvenate and enjoy. Trained in Indian classical music, Shreedhar strives to make music a soul-fulfilling experience to himself and to his listeners. He has a distinct gravitation to melody, and soulful songs ranging from the 60s era to the latest and greatest. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Shreedhar's versatility was influenced by the multi cultural environment in Mumbai and helped him generalize into music in different languages and types. He has sung for Gujarati Dandia, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil film music shows, and Carnatic Music concerts. His music idols are Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, and Yesudas. Shreedhar works in the technology industry as a management professional and has an MBA from California State University, Stanislaus.

For Shwetha Ram, music is not a second nature...it's the first! Her folks sensed their daughter's love for music when she was 3 yrs old, for she sang much more than she talked right from then on. A student of Carnatic music for over 12 years under Shri D.K.Jayaraman and Shri Narayana Iyengar, she has been singing classical and light music for years through school, college and work. A CPA by profession, in EasternWinds, she finds the perfect ambience and niche to do what she loves the most - sing! Shweta also performs with a Bay Area Tamil band called Pallavi.

Smriti Jayaraman is a singing enthusiast who started formal vocal training at the age of 8. She is currently under the tutelage of her Guru Smt. Sangeetha Swaminathan, the senior most student of Smt Sudha Raghunathan, for Carnatic music. Smriti has been part of several bands through high school, college and currently free lances for prominent Bay Area bands. Over the years she has participated and won numerous competitions and awards for excellence in vocal music. Her captivating voice equips her to sing several genres of music ranging from traditional Carnatic to classic English Rock to Bollywood music. She has a flair for singing with equal ease in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Srinivas T V is a vocalist and a budding percussionist (drums). He studied at Karnatak University, Dharwad and has performed during his school and college days. His love for Ghazals and soft numbers, rich in meaning shows in the melody based songs that he performs on stage. He works as an Embedded Software Engineer and has relocated to Pasadena, CA.

Sujatha Ramdas is a vocalist who hails from Bangalore. She is a hardware engineer, presently consulting with ATI Technologies, Inc. She enjoys listening to and singing music from different genres - Film and Carnatic being her favorites. She also likes reading, cooking and traveling to new places.

Swati Lahiri is a vocalist. She has a B.Com and a Company Secretaryship Diploma. Currently she is a student pursuing Molecular Biology. She lives in London presently.

Tamal Dey plays the lead/rhythm guitars for the band. He spent his childhood days at Guwahati, Assam. He studied for his BE at Regional Engineering College (REC) Silchar, Assam.

Trit Garg is studying in medical school at Stanford presently. He has learnt classical piano for 3 years and jazz piano for 1 year. He is the lead keyboardist of EasternWinds. Aside from his passion for music, he also enjoys playing tennis and trying to be a gangsta. He thinks he owes it all to his parents for pushing him into music, but he really owes to his brother for motivating and inspiring him.

U.V. Ravindra, aka UVR, vocalist, has made an occasional foray into EasternWinds' percussion and keyboard departments as well. He has a background in Indian Classical Music and is a huge fan of 1950-60s era Hindi film music. When he is not hanging out with his family or chilling out in front of the TV, he attempts to satiate his deep and abiding interest in Urdu poetry by composing Ghazals. UVR hails from Delhi, works in Menlo Park for Oracle and lives in Fremont. He also sings with Jhankaar, a Bay Area based Hindi Music band.

Vidhya Iyer is a vocalist. She has an Masters in Business Administration and has relocated to India.

A self taught enthusiast with a keen ear for music, Vikram Kalyanaraman started out playing the guitar and after trying his hand at the keys and bass, turned to drumming. He plays the drums for multiple bands in the SF Bay Area and has performed with Bollywood artistes. He is interested in a range of music styles from reggae to raaga to rock.

Vineet Goel has loved listening to music for as far back as he can remember. He is a huge fan of classic rock and blues and used to play lead guitar in a rock band back in his college days. He plays the lead/rhythm guitar. His interests include travelling, going to live concerts and jamming on his guitar for hours at a stretch.

A Bollywood buff and die-hard A.R.Rahman fanatic, Vivek Garud loves to sing every kind of song, from nursery rhymes to semi-classical oldies to sufi-rock. When Vivek isn't rocking the audience at a concert, he is singing some soulful numbers with his acoustic guitar at home. Vivek has made some forays into composing as well and dreams of composing for a Bollywood movie someday. Well, you never know! Keep reading the credits. Vivek also sings with Dhoom, a Bay Area based Hindi music band.


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